Vix Bourne live at Minety Music Festival 2019

Vix Bourne

“When playing live I want our gigs it to feel like a special party that Chris and I have invited you to. Performing is one of those extraordinary experiences where some gigs I feel like jumping around and screaming in a bright red PVC dress and fishnets and others where I feel exposed, intimate, vulnerable. Just like our songs, sometimes wild and full of punk attitude whilst others are stories of beauty and love. Keeping you engaged without knowing where we might take you next.

I want you to sweat with me, dance to me, cry with me, I want to make you feel alive…”

Who do you love?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie, Courteney Love, Mr Airplane Man, Arab Strap, Junior KImbrough, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Cedric Burnside, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Scott Walker, Nirvana, Messiaen, Dusty Sprngfield, Led Zeppelin, The Bonnevilles, Jeff Buckley, Talking Heads,, Massive Attack…

Current favourite albums?

Mr Airplane Man – Jacaranda Blue

Cedric Burnside – Benton County Relic

Nick Cave – Henry’s dream

Chris Harper live at Minety Music Festival 2019

Chris Harper

“I’ve played guitar for many years, wandering in and out of many styles but I always come back to the blues, a smashy, trashy, crashy version of it that is. Husky Tones gives me the chance to be a riff machine and to jump around on stage making a big, fat noise. I like riffs, I like grooves and I like good lyrics, the lyrics have to have something individual about them. I like songs to be about something not just relationships, I like songs about the world, about politics, about living a better life and of course, about love in all it’s forms. But it has to make me tap my feet or sway in time.”

Who do you love?

Ry Cooder, Bob Log III. Fred Neil, Radiohead, Gary Clark Jr, R.L. Burnside, Chris Whitley, PJ Harvey, Johnny Winter, Tom Waits, Ligeti, Smashing Pumpkins, Sparklehorse, Tindersticks, Mazzy Star, Iggy Pop, Sviridov,This Mortal Coil, Puccini, Nina Simone, Howlin’ Wolf…

Current favourite albums?

Iggy Pop – Post pop depression

Chris Whitley – Hotel Vast Horizon

PJ Harvey – Hope Six Demolition Project

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…Chris Harper says…”I keep getting asked about my sound so I thought I’d share this pic with you all of my current pedal set up. It’s all pretty straight forward, Voodoo Lab power and below that the Switch Blade which I use to send my signal to both a guitar amp and a bass amp simultaneously. There’s a tuner and a Vox Wah (tasty), some gentle chorus and delay and the very important Pitch Fork to help with the octave up and down work. The bite comes from either the Blues Driver or the Octafuzz. And though there’s space for a couple more I don’t need anything else right now and I love having a wristwatch attached there instead so I know how long we’ve played for!