Husky Tones EPK

This blistering Bristol-based duo hit with the force of a much bigger unit. A stand-up drummer who also delivers keening vocals, and a crunchy, dextrous, raging guitarist – the perfect girl/boy, punk-blues alchemy.

Their latest release, a six-song EP ‘I Don’t Give a Damn Anymore’  continues their individual take on and exploration of the punk blues genre (begun in February 2017 with the album ‘Who Will I Turn To Now?’). Delivered by standing singer-drummer Victoria (Boo) Bourne and guitarist Chris Harper, Husky Tones’ musical, lyrical, and sonic influences include contemporary and classic punk blues acts such as The Bonnevilles, Miraculous Mule, The Gun Club, punk legends Patti Smith and Iggy Pop, the music of the North Mississippi Hill Country artists such as R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and alternative rockers Morphine, The Black Keys, Nick Cave, and PJ Harvey.

‘…the Bonnie and Clyde of punk blues…’

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mat Sampson at Bink Bonk Studios, Bristol, the six songs of ‘I Don’t Give a Damn Anymore’ are available as a digital download or limited edition CD digipack.

Their raw sound is an exciting mix of rock, blues and punk sounds’ Keys and Chords

Husky Tones will be performing their new material at various venues and festivals throughout 2018 including main-stage performances at The Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival (appearing just before Jeremy Corbyn) 22 July, The Green Gathering 03 August, Aberjazz 27 August, Off The Tracks 01 September, Leek Blues and Americana Festival 06 October, Tenby Blues Festival 17 November.

Husky Tones’ songs have been played on national radio including the BBC Radio Two Blues Playlist and by Paul Jones on BBC Radio Two as well as international radio. Their 2017 album ‘Who Will I Turn To Now?’ has been album of the week on radio stations in the USA, UK, and Europe. They have been described as ‘Artist to Watch’ in ION Indie Magazine USA with their song ‘Momentum’ as a featured video. They have built a reputation for intense live shows, performing headline shows at venues such as London’s 100 Club, Fiddlers Elbow and Blues Kitchen, Brighton’s Latest Bar, and The Fleece and The Louisiana in Bristol and national UK festivals.

‘So damn good I would like to kiss them, but most of all I want to see them live in Sweden’

‘They unite the boogie of an R.L. Burnside with their punk-blues’ 

‘Rich guitar riffs, euphoric drum strokes and Victoria’s rich voice timbre’ Keys and Chords

‘Two very talented musicians. It’s really powerful music’ BBC Radio Bristol

‘This is music for an old-fashioned dark rock club, where sweat and alcohol keep the walls moist’ Alt

‘The duo Husky Tones weaves in an easy way a lot of heavy song with endearing ballads’ Keys and

‘I Don’t Give a Damn Anymore EP, a very fine piece of work the whole thing’ Balling The Jack Resonance FM

‘Live they are a sensation, so high time that this British duo comes to the Netherlands for concerts’  Music That Needs Attention

‘When Husky Tones give the iron that I love them most. You, like me, like bands like The Kills, Bob Log III, should definitely check them out’  Zero

‘People are all over this guitar/drums duo format now, but few (if any) sound like Bristol’s own Husky Tones. Their punk-blues stylings, with Victoria Bourne’s vocals and drums, over Chris Harper’s guitar will have you pogo-ing down to the Deep South’ Bristol Live Magazine

‘Heavy, raw, but always melodic, attention is paid to fine texts’

‘Spirited, raw attitude from the power of the sticks and the sublime edgy and raw licks of the guitar’ Bluesdoodles live music review 

‘The wall of sound that they extract from such limited tools is incredible’ Native FM

‘Harper is an impressive guitarist, covering finger-picking, electric single note riffs, wah-wah’ed licks and simple yet subtle chords’. ‘Bourne’s airy soprano vocals weave melodies that are reminiscent of Robert Plant’s own melodies.’ ‘As the intensity of the song builds, the chorus is built around a single note riff that Jimmy Page would love to have written’ Blues Blast Magazine

”A blues act that avoids the cliches’ Folkworld

‘There are loose rules to Blues of course, but this band have just torn up the rule-book’ Phil The Music Quill

‘This is the raw, urban blues with attitude’ 9/10 Bluesdoodles

‘Victoria has serious pipes and seems effortlessly to rise above Chris’s driving guitar riffs, often sparking some fabulous wall of sound moments. This is a great live band, who are clearly enjoying pushing some boundaries’ The Blues Man In The Hat

‘They have created a remarkably original sounding blues album. Recorded with a vibrant urgency, these songs lurch thrillingly from one thumping groove to the next’ The Musician

‘A bluesy feel that has been set free from the shackles of music that has gone makes you want to go out and see the band perform live’ Blues in Britain

‘A superbly crafted modern blues record’ Bristol 24/7